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    Classic ,long lasting perfect fitting clothing
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    Your individual pattern produces a perfect fit!
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    Forty years in the same location
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    Our English Savile Row like "Gentleman's" shop
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    The nearly extinct skill of individual pattern making.

Our Concept

I believe passionately that it’s good business to look your most successful best!  Always! I’ve had a front row seat in watching and helping thousands of people transform their lives.  I’m convinced that one can literally change his or her life by changing their clothes! Mass produced clothing, however can’t make the necessary impact. What set’s you apart is the perfection of “fit”, the smooth drape that can only come with clothing cut to your unique shape and measurements, along with the uncommon look of “quality”, the hand “workmanship”, which is almost non-existent in off-the-rack clothing. 

People feel more secure doing business with people who “appear” to be successful. Our clothing, with it’s extraordinary combination of “fit” and “workmanship” makes an impact. Additional impact comes with wearing professionally selected shirts and ties that have the precise colors and patterns to accent the entire package, causing people to stop in their tracks and take notice. They have formed an instant opinion of you within seconds that will rarely change!

Your investment in your wardrobe is like packaging a product to appeal to the public.  It’s your advertising and public relations expense, to keep you moving ahead in attracting the right people and opportunities into your life, new clients, better referrals, social contacts and much more.  Many clients completely leave the accessories to us, and have for 40 years.   Many participate in our unique Wardrobe Plan Program where clothing comes into their wardrobe on a schedule of selection dates, often “pre-selected” in one sitting.  The Wardrobe Plan works miracles and offers great savings.

We have a number of alternatives to offer and you’ll be surprised at how effectively you can build a wardrobe of perfect fitting, top quality