Getting Started

Custom tailored clothing starts with information.  Just like any investment, it requires an open mind and a little time. In the time that the average man devotes to purchasing one suit, our clients set themselves up for a lifetime of perfect fitting clothing without the need of shopping, fittings or alterations. The majority of our clients trust us to coordinate their shirts and ties. Most clients have continued for decades, we must be doing something right!
Step 1: The Connection Let’s talk. A simple conversation is the start to a quality wardrobe. Pick up the phone and give us a call or invite us to call you. 

Step 2: The Information Have a conversation with us and discover the advantages of our approach. We’ll give you an overview of the process, providing you with enough information to make an informed decision.

Step 3: Your Appointment Make an appointment to meet us. Bring your favorite, best fitting suit.  Allow us to make a “no obligation” presentation of our services. We will show you how others have built beautiful wardrobes with minimal effort.

Step 4: Your Choice Should you decide to proceed, we’ll put you through our process of taking some 35 measurements, photograph your posture, measure the slope of your shoulders and the curvature of your back, as valuable information for our cutters.

Step 5: Measurements & Evaluation We will take 35 measurements to create your personal pattern. While wearing your favorite suit we will evaluate it and help you see the fit through our “eyes”. We will show you how it can be improved and with your permission, will adjust accordingly.

Step 6: Photos We will photograph you in your suit. You will see how others see you, from the back, front and side views. We’ll explain how posture, the slope of your shoulders, the hang of your arms, the shape of your seat  (and much more) affects the fit and the drape of your present suit. We’ll photograph you without your jacket to put your “shape” and “posture” in front of our cutters, along with your measurements.

Step 7: Fabrics & Styling We will select as many fabrics as you’d like to begin with, determine all of your preferences for styling from pockets to vents to pleats or none, and more.

Step 8: The Plan We’ll explain how our Wardrobe Plan Program works in order to give you the option to save money and use your initial order as part of the Plan.  We’ll explain how you might use the Plan to leverage your time, reducing your effort and maximizing results.

Step 9: Payment We’ll take a deposit, order the fabrics and process your entire order. We will produce one suit and a shirt quickly while our tailors are doing the “pre-production” on the rest, without cutting until the approval of your first outfit.

Step 10: Fitting We will invite you in to try on your completed suit to see if we can improve on the usually perfect fit.

Step 11: Alterations Any alterations or adjustments will be taken care of by our, on premises, master tailor who will also record the changes to your personal pattern.

Step 12: The Finale We will tell our workshop to proceed with the balance of your clothing and call you when your ordered is completed. We will arrange to send your clothing to you, unless you prefer to come to pick them up. This process will leave you with a perfected pattern that will continue to produce perfect fitting clothing, easily adjustable for the ups and downs of your weight. Your next suit will only a call away.