Past Events

Over the years, we’ve done dozens of Special Events, Fashion Shows, Corporate Promotions, Casino Promotions and more! 
In the late 1970’s, with an amazing staff assembled to do the preparation, we organized an evening in a leading Rodeo Drive venue, for an evening of entertainment, great food, a hosted bar, and a fashion show presenting a collection of Greg’s designs, all modeled by top professional models, following descriptions by Greg of the outfit.

The audience of clients included a clothes conscious group of clients, many who went on to be “titans” in their industry!

Each client was presented a portfolio of sketches and swatches of everything to be modeled; including 5 or 6 alternative colors for each of Greg’s unique designs. During the show the clients checked off choices to place orders in the colors of their choice. If someone loved the unique design features of an outfit, they would choose the color of their choice, a gray tweed jacket with black slacks, instead of the model’s tan jacket with brown slacks, but still with the “keyhole” suede elbow patches and trim above the pockets.

At the end of the evening, as clients left, many handed back portfolios with check marks on many outfits that they wanted made up to their personal patterns!
Orders for new clothing were put into process for those clients who placed orders of their preferences and were delivered to their offices 3 or 4 weeks later without need of any fittings or alterations!
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