In the world of suits and jackets there are three “Elements” that make up the “Quality” of a garment.  The Fit, The Construction and the Fabric. 
While the ready-to-wear industry, and even Made-to-Measure (semi-custom) tailors will focus you on the quality of the Fabric, the truth is, the Fit and the Construction are the most important elements.  Why?  Because people “size you up” from across the street by the “fit” of your clothes.  As you get closer, they “dismiss you” as “Less than” when they see wavy lapels, twisted shoulders, puckered sleeve heads, lapels that turn over, collar felts that show, and a jacket that “drapes” more like a shirt than a jacket: a symptom of compromises of “quality of construction”!
The Fabric, is for you, for your enjoyment.  If you can afford not to compromise in the Fit and the Quality, by all means, treat yourself to a fabric that feels rich and luxurious.    However, there are plenty of great English and Italian fabrics that will look and feel good and last forever that are reasonable in price.  Remember, the Ready-to-wear industry can’t provide you with proper fit because the suits are pre-made for someone of “average” posture and measurements that may hardly resemble your own!  The less you understand, the better.  Nor, can they give you good “quality of construction” in a world where 95% of suits today are fused, (glued together) in order to keep base costs low, allowing for point of sale affordability, while manufacturers, wholesales and retailers are all doubling and tripling their costs to move the merchandise to you. 

Silver Label Line


From $1500 for Casual cotton, linen, denim, unstructured and,           
From $1995 for Wool and Wool blend suits. 

The Silver line suits, jackets and slacks, as our Gold and Platinum line, are all legitimate custom clothing , not “made-to-measure”.  They are made in our own workmanship, cut from the client’s individual pattern, assembled on the lap of a single tailor (not a production line), but they have a limited range of fabrics,  some of which are purchased in quantity to reduce costs, and they offer the choice of a canvas interlining (but with less handwork than the “Gold line”,) at the higher end of the range, or a “Soft Construction” , a partially fused, and partial floating canvas to reduce labor, and the end price of the suit.  The Silver line takes moderate steps to reduce the fabric costs and the labor costs of construction, without compromising the fit, whatsoever!.  If one seeks to reduce the cost of their clothing either to get started with us, or to make it through difficult times, the Silver line still provides our “look of success” ,our time saving service, and a great value with fabrics, and quality that still surpass most alternatives in the marketplace today.  The “Fit”, is the same, and gives you most of the look of success that comes with the Gold and Platinum line.  As with the other lines, the Wardrobe Plan can be used to further reduce the “average” cost of the Silver line.  A $1995 suit can “average” $1500, the starting  price of a decent lesser fitting, lesser quality, lesser fabric, off-the-rack suit

Gold Label Line


OUR GOLD LINE: From $2500
Our Gold Line suits are the suits that got us to where we are today, again, made in our own shop by our own tailors, cut from each client’s individual pattern, made on the lap of a tailor with 90% of the handwork used by our PLATINUM tailors, and with fine English and Italian Woolens thousands to choose from at a wide range of prices.  The “average” price of our Gold Line suits can be reduced to the cost of a Silver Line suit by a commitment to our Wardrobe Plan.  The efficiency of the relationship of the Wardrobe Plan can give your added value without any compromise of quality in any area.  Savings can run from 15% to 33%.
Our Gold label line is the suit that got us where we are today.  It has kept many of our clients coming back for 35 and 40 years.   Like all of our clothes, each suit is cut from the client's individual pattern and put together on the lap of an individual tailor and not on a production line in a factory.  Each suit is hand inspected at our own shop, and inspected for both quality and the consistently perfect fit that we are known for, plus or minus any changes in size from the client's last order.

The Gold Label suit is made with a canvas interlining and enough handwork to make the suit look brand new 40 years later, if not worn and dry cleaned to death!

The wide range of fabrics used for our Gold label line are all from England and Italy, a few from Spain and Canada.  They are fine woolens produced from the finest mills in Europe.

The suits in our Gold label line would be double the price were we not  taking advantage of favorable customs duties,reasonable labor and availability of cutting and tailoring techniques not found elsewhere.  Were we "wholesaling" our clothing to be sold in a department store with our high standard manufacturing techniques (canvas interlinings, intense handwork, etc.), with the stores markup the same suit would easily be from two to three times the cost.  Buying directly from us makes for a "relative" wholesale price.

All of our clothing, including our GOLD LINE can be further reduced in "average" cost by a minimal commitment to our unique 35 year old Wardrobe Plan Program.  Savings run from from 15% to 33% or more depending on the "budget" selected.  The essence of the concept is to use the efficiency of the commitment (therefore helping us spend time selecting clothes rather than calling clients to see when next ready for clothes) to offset the cost of superior, workmanship, resulting in a lifelong quality product.

Platinum Label Line

Our PLATINUM LINE:  From $3500.
Uses the finest fabrics in the world from the Premium woolen houses and mills from Europe.  Like all of our suits, they’re made in our own workshop, cut one at a time from each client’s pattern, and assembled on the lap of an individual tailor.  They spare no expense in the time or expertise or components, with our very best tailors, spending more time, using every technique of the finest workmanship to produce a suit that is uncompromised in every way, and will remain looking like a new suit for 20 to 40 years, because of the time and the care that went into that suit!  It was the “merging of our tailor’s cutting with the European expertise of our tailor who taught our Oriental tailors, the highest level standards of workmanship, at a premium price for the additional time in making the suit that sets our “Platinum” line apart.   The level of skill and time put into each garment is unparalleled.  Whatever “Premium” is spent on our Platinum line , can be offset by our Wardrobe Plan Program which can reduce the “Average expense” of a Platinum suit, to that of a Gold line suit.