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Clients & Testimonials

“Greg has provided clothing for me for 7 years or more and during that time he has never failed to deliver a quality suit, shirt or what ever I have asked for in a very professional manner, on time and fit well. I do not think I have ever had to have any of the suits altered to fit or adjusted. Fist time fits are a must for me. Greg quickly goes from someone representing a product to a great friend. Try him!”
- Jeff Moore, Owner, Realty Executives of Nevada

“Greg was recommended to me by a colleague and I have used him on a number of occasions for custom business clothing. He does a great job of demonstrating the value of well-made, custom-fit clothing. I didn't realize how poorly some of my professional clothing fit until I spent time with Greg. His attention to detail and client service is excellent, and the quality of the clothing is far superior to anything I had in my wardrobe - including other "custom tailored" pieces. I travel a fair amount for work and no longer have to pull a suit out of my closet wondering how it will look. It doesn't hurt that Greg is extremely personable (and has some great stories!).”
- Russ Matthews, CIMA

“Knowing Greg Chapman has proved a great privilege, and I must say that in my long experience, it is the very epitome of comfort and distinction to wear clothing made precisely and tastefully for you by an expert tailor, whether for casual wear, high class business, in connection with the more formal events of life or all of the above.  You are transformed from the ordinary in a well-cut suit of clothing. You look and feel at the very top of your game.  Greg's personalized approach to ‘professional style’ creates sublimely elegant, tailor-made excellence in one's wardrobe, at a remarkably reasonable cost, in my experience.  Indeed, the convenience of working with a dedicated and resourceful tailor saves one both time and money.  I thus highly recommend Greg Chapman as a visionary and highly talented clothier of the highest order.”
- Brian Noble, Banking Professional

“He's Owner a Executive Tailor Shop in Beverly Hills, for the past 40yrs and is Highly Respected in his Circle of Professional and Celebrities in Southern California, Las Vegas, and the World.” 
- Bobby Haynes, Owner, VIP HOST

“I have known Greg for a long time and I have the highest regard for his taste in fabric and style. He has helped me and many of my friends in formal and semi formal attire. We have all been extremely pleased with the results and he has my highest recommendations”
- Holmes Stoner, Chairman at American International Business Council

"I believe Greg Chapman is the best fashion/style coach for men in Southern CA. Greg's personalized approach to ‘professional style’ has helped me tremendously. I now know how clothes should fit. I believe that wearing clothes that fit has helped personally brand me more effectively. For any professional who wants to brand himself optimally, I highly recommend Greg." 
- Jeremy Durant, Business Principal at Bop Design

"I hired Greg to make a custom suit as a Escrow closing gift for one of the wealthiest investors in the state of California. The client was very happy and will never forget the special gift." 
- Jim Taylor, Managing Director Sperry Van Ness Finest City Commercial / President, Commercial Realtors Alliance

"Chapman is one of the finest in the business...His custom tailored suits always add to making a first class impression in the boardroom or on the town. I've shopped with Greg for years and he has never done me wrong. His expertise is top of the game and he has a real eye for the very best quality which makes him my #1."
- Jaan Childs, Director/Producer/Salesman

"Greg Chaoman has greatly assisted me with my unique professional style, which is critical to my success as a sought-after speaker. His eye for detail is incredible, and his passion for his profession is unsurpassed. I will never buy "off the shelf" suits again, because Greg has spoled me so greatly!" 
- Richard Muscio, CPA Thought Leader

"Greg Chapman has studied why some suits fit better than others, and have developed formulas and methods that will tailor suits to fit better than your most expensively crafted suits. Challenge his expertise. I'm sure you will be impressed." 
- Joyce Purvy, Founder, CEO of

"People discout the importance of quality clothing. I have not been to a mall in years and the wardrobe plan Greg has created is the reason. The fact that Greg Chapman has been a tailor for over 40 years speaks volumes, especially when considering that he is in one of the most competitive markets in the world when it comes to fashion, Los Angeles. I encourage any professional to source their business, casual, and black tie custom clothing from Greg Chapman." 
- McLean Bergeron, Marketing & Business Development