The Wardrobe Program

THE WARDROBE PLAN is 35 years old and has had thousands of participants, some for their entire careers!  It works ‘Magic” because with a commitment it uses time to build one’s wardrobe, rather than allowing time to move forward and making a wardrobe worn and obsolete.  Over time, people build a far better wardrobe by adding quality pieces to it on a regular basis than to buy large quantities of clothes in one sitting, only to allow “time” to undo the results.  The normal man’s “random” approach to adding new clothing is usually driven by “need”, the need to add something quickly to replace clothing that that if well made, might have lasted forever if worn and dry cleaned less frequently.

Some of the “smartest” people in the world have remained on the Wardrobe Plan Program for extended periods of time, building and maintaining a beautiful wardrobe of formal, business and casual wear for all occasions.  We’re proud to have distinguished clients on the Plan like Ambassador Chuck Manatt, who for 35 years was on the plan without interruption.  The CEO’s of Isusu, Porche, Harrah’s Entertainment, Mandalay Bay, Penn Gaming, pay attention to business, letting us pay attention to their wardrobe.

The inefficiency of trying to guess when someone might next need or want clothes results in either too frequent or too seldom contact.  For someone who recognizes that they wear clothing every day, rather than waiting until it requires replacement, add more at some predictable frequency.  The results are rewarding.

All or most of the important things in life are paid for as a “process” over time.  The home we live in, the cars we drive, our insurance, retirement plans, our children’s educations all are usually paid for with a “Plan”.  A person’s personal wardrobe is their calling card and deserves care and attention on a regular basis.

The Wardrobe Plan has rewards that can save its loyal participants as much as one third of the cost of their clothing.  Savings of that sort generally bring with them, compromise in one form or another; picked over left over merchandize reduced to get rid of.  Compromised quality to produce cheap merchandise represented to be on “Sale”, but made cheaply and sold at a full profit!  The Plan, with its bonuses, reduced prices and complimentary accessories provide savings without compromise!  Those people who take time to understand exactly how the Plan works, have discovered the final key to our “Smart Approach” to Clothing!

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