The Fit

When a man is wearing a suit that fits perfectly, it speaks volumes about who he is and where he is in life.  It's like a "great equalizer"!  It counts more than how tall an individual may be, their voice, their gender and all the other "factors" that ultimately determine where people with various attributes, end up. You can change your destiny by appearing as though you've already arrived!  It's the fit of your clothes more than anything that determines that look.

Once a suit is made there is only so much that can be done to make it fit properly.  If a suit is made for someone of one posture and shape it's nearly impossible to change the overall "balance" of the suit to make it drape well on someone with another posture.  Elements of "Fit" include "size" and "structure". Clothes can be taken in and let out, but the "structure" can never be changed. The store or tailor who may be taking on the task to alter a suit can take hours and days working without the desired outcome, often only to have to start over again; a very expensive process for whomever is footing the bill.

Custom clothing, unlike made-to-measure clothing, is made for the individual client's unique  "shape” and can be ordered to whatever "size" that individual is at the moment. It can then be let out or taken in without changing the "structure". Why?  Because it was made to the right "shape" in the first place!  Therein lies the amazing advantage of "true" custom clothing.    

It is made from the client's own personal pattern rather than from a standard pattern for people of an "average" posture and shape.  Our clients are able to order perfect fitting clothing by phone year after year, by just letting us know how much to add or subtract from the waist relative to the last order.  We understand the distribution of changes elsewhere and incorporate them from order to order. 

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