Re-cutting & Alterations

Our suits and all clothing are made to last a lifetime. One day I’ll wear a new slack, the next day one made in the early 1980’s! Beautiful, perfect fitting, amazing fabrics that may have had a flair bottom narrowed, but look like they were made yesterday!

Our suits can be let out 5 inches around the waist of the jacket and made an inch wider in the shoulders! We have clients who have slowly had us “recut” a wardrobe of 100 suits or more, for complete restyling—turning a tight fitting English cut “hour glass” shaped suit into an Italian V Shaped looser fit…Other clients have gained 35 lbs, or lost 100!. We’re able to convert their suit to one that looks like it was measured up 2 months ago and had 3 or 4 fittings to be perfect by any standards.

The skill of our particular tailors, their pattern making skills, cutting skills can result in the remaking of a suit into a different suit…..a process that not one tailor in 100 can do!. Sleeves are taken off, collars taken off, all the panels of the suit taken apart, completely separated from one another, then marked with chalk, “recut” and put back together. Our suit was originally made for the client’s unusual shape, the roundness of his back, the hang of his arms, and more, which never changes with the gain or loss of weight, or the restyling.

So, what is it worth to buy a lifetime article of clothing that for 10% to 20% of the replacement cost of that item, can be transformed and given a second or third life? There are $5,000 and $10,000 prestigious Italian designer suits that can’t be let out more than an inch, and not even that in most places! Our clothes are a great lifetime investment when combined with our continuing skill to help clients maintain their clothing while they also add new clothes to their wardrobe!

Our clients rarely try on clothes, have them marked or pinned, come back to try them on again!. We do our alterations by the same methods by which we make perfect fitting suits without need of fittings. We know how the clothes should fit and have ways of telling the tailors how to make them to those measurements. We record those measurements so that clients can send us clothing that we alter or recut to the correct measurements, then we return the clothes and send a bill. We even send empty boxes, then call UPS to pick them up, providing a return label. Sometimes the same box goes back and forth many times delivering completed altered clothing, and picking up the next round! It’s all about saving our client’s time and providing expert, efficient results and service! Our skills, experience and techniques allow us to do that!